Welcome on our site!

Campingwolin.pl is perfectly situated centre with attractive residual program.

Our location: on the south of the Wolin city and island, 2 km from city centre, at the beautiful beach of Zalew Szczeciński.

Our program: a whole season’s organization of touristic, cultural and recreative events.

We have at our disposal base (scene, sound system) which makes organizing all kinds of events possible. We are at your command in sphere of service official, individual and other (rallies etc.) events.

On the spot are two gastronomic points which will secure your stay in sphere of consumption.

We have also in our offer long-term stays- separated area a whole year’s stay of caravans or bungalows.

We are open to co-operate with you in other projects.

Welcome then to the Campingwolin.pl, where styled sculptures keep watching huge grate, where fire burns since pagan times!